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Title of Project: CU’s Shake and Zen Project: Physical Activities and Empowerment for Low-income Women

Project Description:

The project targets low-income Latinas in Salt Lake County who face barriers to physical activities and health information. As the main component of our project, CU will facilitate 12 community-based Yoga and Zumba classes to: (1) Increase physical activity; (2) Generate awareness about cancer prevention resources, and; (3) Promote nutritious food consumption.

By engaging low-income women in a comfortable setting with their peers, CU will have the capacity to engage them in a physical activity while simultaneously providing them with information about nutrition and cancer prevention resources. As our ultimate goal is project sustainability, CU will also empower women attending our Yoga and Zumba classes to initiate meaningful, peer-to-peer conversations with their family, friends, and neighbors about the importance of staying physically active and maintaining a healthy diet.

Project Lead: Virginia Fuentes; Comunidades Unidas;
Work plan (PDF):
Timeframe: March 2016 – March 2017
Meeting info:
State Cancer Plan Priority Area being addressed:  Physical Activity and Nutrition
Goal: Increase the number of Utahns who meet the current Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans
Strategy: Strategy A: Increase physical activities in schools, worksites, and communities through policy, systems, and environmental changes.

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